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Many people out there are looking for ways to learn how to fly an airplane. You are likely one of them and that’s what brought you to this website. You are at the right place and this article will help you understand the cost and requirements needed to get a private pilot license. You would have an idea of what your personalized flight training will cost, what to expect and plan accordingly.

Flying an airplane is a dream come true for many, and thanks to modern technology, anyone can become a pilot. Whether pursuing a career as a pilot or simply trying a new hobby, a pilot license is a huge financial and time investment. On average, a pilot license takes around 60 hours to complete. The costs associated with earning a pilot license vary depending on the type of pilot license, number of training hours and other factors.


Getting Started


The average cost of obtaining your Private Pilot License ranges between $10,000 – $15,000. This cost varies for each pilot trainee. For example, different types of training aircraft will have different hourly rates. Instructors hourly rates will differ as well. Also some people may take longer and require more training hours than others.

Training Hours

A private license requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time.


Rental Fees

There are different types of aircraft you can find yourself training in. From the simple to the complex ones, and they vary in price. A pilot’s training hours consist of solo and instructor flights, which require renting a plane, paying for gas and for the instructor’s time. To rent an aircraft is about $150 per hour, depending on the type of aircraft. Old aircrafts cost lesser.


Instructor Fees

Choosing an instructor is an important piece of the flight training. Make sure you choose an instructor that is available to fly as much as you want and feel comfortable with. Ensure that the instructor has a training syllabus or course guideline that they follow so they are able to track your progress and keep you in line with your flight training. The average pay range for a flight instructor in the United States is $45-$55 per hour.

Other Factors

Other factors to consider when looking at the overall costs of obtaining a private pilot license include the cost of books and other learning materials for ground school, as well as testing fees. Books and learning materials can cost about $200-$500 depending on the flight school. Additionally, taking the written test also costs money, ranging from $200-$400 per test depending on the area of the country. Other costs include flight headset, which is about $200-$300, and flight insurance about $100.


FAA Minimum Requirements for Obtaining a Private Pilot License


Basic requirements

Be at least 16 years of age.

Be able to read, speak, and understand English language.

Obtain at least a current third class medical certificate.

Receive and log ground training from an authorized instructor or complete a home-study course.

Pass a knowledge test with a score of no less than 70%.

Pass an oral test as well as a practical flight test.

Training requirements

The Federal Aviation Administration FAR 14 CFR 61.109 States:

(a)For an airplane single-engine rating. Except as provided in paragraph (k) of this section, a person who applies for a private pilot certificate with an airplane category and single-engine class rating must log at least 40 hours of flight time that includes at least 20 hours of flight training from an authorized instructor and 10 hours of solo flight training in the areas of operation listed in § 61.107(b)(1) of this part, and the training must include at least:

(1) 3 hours of cross-country flight training in a single-engine airplane;

(2) Except as provided in § 61.110 of this part, 3 hours of night flight training in a single-engine airplane that includes:

  • One cross-country flight of over 100 nautical miles total distance; and


  • 10 takeoffs and 10 landings to a full stop (with each landing involving a flight in the traffic pattern) at an airport.


(3) 3 hours of flight training in a single-engine airplane on the control and maneuvering of an airplane solely by reference to instruments.

(4) 3 hours of flight training with an authorized instructor in a single-engine airplane in preparation for the practical test, which must have been performed within the preceding 2 calendar months from the month of the test; and

(5) 10 hours of solo flight time in a single-engine airplane, consisting of at least:

  • 5 hours of solo cross-country time;


  • One solo cross country flight of 150 nautical miles total distance, with full-stop landings at three points.


  • Three takeoffs and three landings to a full stop at an airport with an operating control tower.



How Long Does it Take to Get my Private Pilot License

How long it takes to get your Private Pilot License actually depends on you and a few factors. There are people that have done it in as little as 3 months and there are those who have taken years to finally get their private license. Also keep in mind the FAA minimum of 40 hours to get your license.

What to Expect During Training


There are some information in your flight books that you will study and have practical knowledge of. A written test that you will have to score at least a 70% to continue with your flight training. You need to make sure that you dedicate enough time to study if you want to spend the least amount of money getting your private license.

If you can dedicate quality time to fly consistently and study often, you should be able to finish your flight training within a reasonable amount of time. It is best to set yourself up for success and be fully committed to it. So that you don’t end up wasting time and money.

If you are unable to afford the entire cost of your pilots license, then you will likely have to space out your training. This means that your newly acquired skills may lapse and you will have to spend some time reviewing past knowledge. This will increase the total hours you are flying and increase the overall cost of getting your license. I recommend that you save up first and pay for the majority of the costs as you progress.



Conclusively, If you are driven and determined to get your license, there’s no amount of money that will keep you from it. Quality Documents Producers is your go-to option in getting your pilot license and other documents at an affordable price. We are here to help you achieve your dreams and build your aviation career.


I hope you’ve learned some ways on how to get started in obtaining your private pilot license and how much it costs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or need help. Visit our website today, we are waiting to hear from you.

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